2 Freighters in Trincomali Channel in B.C.'s Southern Gulf Islands

Port Announcement Still Missing the Point

The Port of Vancouver is using a trivial scheduling adjustment as a public relations stunt to once again distract from the massive health and environmental impacts of allowing cargo ships to anchor in the Southern Gulf Islands (SGI) and adjacent Vancouver Island waters, which would be unnecessary if the Port employed modern efficient marine traffic management technology.

The provincial and federal ministries are tacitly cooperating, ignoring their own mandates.

The SCSWA will continue to advocate for the elimination of the SGI anchorages to protect these environmentally and biologically sensitive waters and region.

Please support our efforts by contacting the Federal Transport Minister Pablo Rodriguez, Minister of Fisheries Diane Lebouthillier, Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault, and your local elected officials, and insist they stop this unnecessary, destructive practice.